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Generous Gardeners FAQ

“What’s your garden worth?”

Every gardener has an inventory of plants that should be divided regularly for health and longevity, but sometimes there is no one available to take them. Why not make some extra money from them? If you don’t want the money, then swap them for other plants or donate them for a plant sale to benefit a local charity and you may get a tax deduction for what they are sold for.

Why Generous Gardeners and not EBay or Amazon?

While many people sell plants on Amazon and EBay, it is not legal to ship plants across many state lines. Generous Gardeners is tied into Google maps and is designed to help gardeners make exchanges locally.  This lowers your carbon footprint, saves on the shipping costs and potentially avoids the spread of insects and diseases.

When should I list my plants if it is not the season to dig and divide?

It is best to list your plants well ahead of the month you plan to dig and divide. You can arrange for pick-up or delivery of the plants in the appropriate month. The site needs to have lots of listings before gardeners will check regularly.

What's a Sell Listing?

This is like a classified ad to sell your plants, produce or seeds. List them on the site for as many months as you like. The price is only $.25 per plant type, per month. Please only one type of plant per listing. If you have many of a single type of plant, that is fine. Interested potential purchasers can contact you via the site, where they give contact information to contact them directly to arrange for the transaction.

There are no financial transactions on The site is more like Craigslist than Amazon.

What's a Swap listing?

This type of listing is for gardeners who want to trade their plants for other plants. It is like a classified ad, but instead of selling, it is for barter. This type of listing is free. Interested potential purchasers can contact you via the site, where they provide contact information so you can communicate directly to arrange for a swap location.

What's a Donate listing?

This type of listing is for generous gardeners who have extra plants to share. Gardeners have been giving away plants to friends and fellow gardeners for ages. We are just helping the process to allow you to find local recipients. We also encourage donations to local plants sales where the proceeds will benefit a non-profit charitable organization. If the non-profit is registered, they can give you a letter allowing you to take a tax deduction based on the value of the donated plants.

How do I make the listing attractive?

Pretty pictures of the plants are always nice and helpful. If you don’t know special characteristics about the plant describe them. If you don’t know the specifics, such as the cultivar, you can describe the flower and foliage. Also if you are looking to swap, include what you are looking for.

Should I use my own e-mail as a contact or the internal e-mail?

It is up to you, but if you want to keep your email private, interested parties can contact you via the site. They then need to give you their contact information for you to get back to them.

What's suggested for arranging to meet and where?

The site is trying to empower local transactions, and gardeners can rely on the on-site Google mapping capability, so you know the plants are local. You can arrange a nearby meeting place. A local farmers market can also be a good location although these markets are not usually available during the prime dig and divide season.

Where can I donate my plants?

Contact local charities and see if they want to run a plant sale for their benefit. We run one in Gloucester, MA to benefit the Gloucester Education Foundation in May of each year. We raise thousands of dollars for the foundation and the gardeners get tax deductions for what the plants sale price.

How do I get people in my area to list plants?

We are trying to help get the word out about the site by advertising, buying clicks and using social media. Anything you can do to help will only benefit the gardeners in your area and give you more to pick from. Contact us – or if you have any suggestions for how to get more gardeners to participate.

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