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Plant Name Onopordum
  Common Name: Scotch Thistle, Cotton Thistle, Cottonthistle, Onopordum
  Family:   Asteraceae   Genus:   Onopordum
  Species:     Cultivar:  
Plant Description

There are about 40 species in this genus of biennial thistles. Large gray leaves with spiny fingers grow on plants that can be 6'-8' feet tall. The thistle flowers are usually purple or white. While seemingly weed-like, this plant can make a striking plant in a border garden.

Type of Plant
Perennial Flower
Varies By Species
Very High (over 5 feet)
Over 36"
Bloom Time
Bloom Color

Plant Requirements

Full Sun
Soil Moisture

Plant Characteristics and Attributes

None Entered  

Plant Propagation


Plant Notes

Propagation and Division
SEEDS: Some will self sow. DIVISION: Move seedlings around. NOTE: Biennial (short lived)

Pruning and Maintenance
MAINTENANCE: Prefers full sun and average well drained soil but can tolerate poor soil. Avoid wet winter. PRUNING: Deadhead after flowering. Clean up in fall.

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